What do Rising Rates Mean?

Rising Mortgage Rates

By now you may have heard that mortgage rates are on the rise. What does this mean for borrowers who have an existing variable rate mortgage? Those looking to purchase a new home? Or those who have an existing mortgage that is coming up for renewal? There have been a couple different types of rate […]

New Mortgage “Stress Test” Proposal

2017 Mortgage Stress Test Proposal

Many home buyers with less than a twenty percent down payment have been affected by the mortgage “stress test” rule that the government of Canada enforced October 2016. The “stress test” requires homebuyers who take a default insured mortgage to qualify at the Bank of Canada’s five-year post interest rate, reducing buying power by approximately […]

What to Expect from Your Real Estate Lawyer

Signing Mortgage Documents

Here is what to expect from your real estate lawyer during the purchase of a new home. It is your job to provide your real estate agent and mortgage broker with your lawyer’s contact information. If you do not have a real estate lawyer, we can recommend one to you if your real estate agent […]