Cash Back Mortgage

What is a cash back mortgage?  With a cash back mortgage, you receive a lump sum cash rebate when your mortgage closes. You can use the money to furnish your home, pay off debt or fill your savings account for a rainy day. How much will it cost? Interest rates are slightly higher on a […]

Choosing a Floor Plan

Choosing a Floor Plan

Choosing a floor plan that fits your lifestyle can influence how you experience your home. From the size and layout, to where the rooms are located can impact how you feel in the space. Before you get overwhelmed, we put together these tips for choosing the right floor plan that suits you. Deciding on a […]

Get Out of Debt

Pay Down Credit Card Debt

Paying off consumer debt can be a way to help qualify for a mortgage or a larger mortgage amount. Lenders use guidelines when calculating how much mortgage someone can qualify for. Loans, credit cards, lines of credit are all factored into the equation. Here are some tips to help pay down debt to help qualify […]