Time to File Income Taxes

Time to File Taxes

April 30th is just around the corner, but it doesn’t have to be stressful this year. Whether you do your own taxes or use an accountant, you can make it easier and less expensive by having your paperwork ready. Follow these simple tips to prepare for filing your income taxes. Spend some time now to […]

Looking Beyond Mortgage Rates

Looking Beyond Mortgage Rates

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that comparing mortgage rates will guarantee you the best bang for your mortgage buck. While this may be true for particular situations, there are many scenarios where this strategy is not practical. Here are three reasons why it doesn’t always pay to make a decision based […]

What is Alternative Mortgage Lending?

Alternative Lenders

Alternative mortgage lending is a term used to describe the wide range of mortgage options available to consumers outside of a traditional bank. These options are considered when a consumer doesn’t qualify for traditional financing. Alternative lenders are backed by investors offering mortgage financing with different guidelines on credit and debt servicing. They focus on […]

Mortgage Stress Test

Mortgage Stress Test

The “stress test” rule can be a little complicated to understand. Here’s a break down of why the rule exists and how it will apply to your mortgage. What does the mortgage “stress test” really mean when applying for a mortgage? When you buy a home in Canada your mortgage is “stress tested” to ensure […]

What is a Mortgage Interest Adjustment?

Interest Adjustment Payment

You pay an interest adjustment amount on your mortgage when the closing date doesn’t fall on the first day of the month. If this is the case, home buyers have to factor into their closing costs an interest adjustment payment. On your closing date, your lender advances your mortgage, but regular interest doesn’t start accruing […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a House

Home Building Mistakes

Building a new house is exciting, but it is a bigger undertaking than buying an existing house. With so many options to choose from, knowing what works and what doesn’t is important. Mistakes can be time-consuming and costly – follow this guide to avoid them when building a house. Thinking You’ll Get Everything on Your […]

Money Saving Tips

Save for a New Home

Saving for a down payment to purchase a new home is no easy task. The cost of living is constantly going up and not leaving extra savings after payday. Here are some simple ideas to cut back on expenses and save for a new home. Cancel your cable or satellite subscription. There are other options […]

Buying a Starter Home

Buy a home that fits within your budget and is a good starter home.

Your dream home isn’t always within reach when it comes to buying a house for the first time. This can lead many first-time home buyers wanting to wait and hold off for another year before going forward and making an offer on a place. But will you be chasing a dream forever? Should you wait […]

Moving Checklist

Time to Start Packing

Moving can be a very stressful time. Here is a moving checklist to help make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.   6-8 WEEKS BEFORE MOVE □ Get estimates for movers or a rental truck (your realtor can help) □ Schedule movers or a rental truck and helpers □ Clean out all closets, cupboards […]

Invest In Real Estate

Rental Property

When I purchased my first house, I initially never thought of it as an “investment.” It was a place to call home. I had a few buddies that lived with me and covered most of my mortgage payment. After seeing the value of my house increase over a few years, I proactively started looking for […]

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