If Mortgages Were Cars

If Mortgages Were Cars

If mortgages were cars… …imagine you were shopping for a new car, instead of a new mortgage. The shiny Caymans are at the Porsche dealership. All the new Mustangs parked at the Ford dealership (consider these the banks!) You’re excited to buy a shiny new ride. So you drive around to different dealerships to see what they […]

Mortgage Myth Busters

Mortgage Myth Busters

Buying a home is an important decision. I’m here to provide guidance and knowledge to help you plan for a secure financial future through homeownership. With that in mind, here are a few myths about mortgages that are important to understand. Mortgage Myth #1… My bank will give me the best mortgage rate Banks profit […]

Questions to Ask a Mortgage Lender

Questions to Ask Your Lender

Here are some important questions that we recommend asking a mortgage broker before shopping for a new home. They will help find a lender that’s best suited for you and your unique needs. What are your qualifications as a mortgage lender? Ask your mortgage lender how long they have been doing mortgages for. The more […]

Finalizing Your Mortgage

Finalizing your mortgage approval

Now that you have a mortgage approval in place and signed off on all of the purchase agreement conditions, you’re closer to taking possession of your new home! There are a few more steps to take before possession day. Here’s a list of the next steps so you can be better prepared: □ Confirm the […]

Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid

Home Buyer Mistakes

Stay on track when shopping for a new home by avoiding these situations. Here is a list of common home buyer mistakes that people can make. Shopping Over Your Budget There is a good reason why the bank pre-approved you for a particular mortgage amount. A pre-approval is used to determine the price range of homes […]

Spring Home Buying Season

Spring market

Spring has sprung and sunny days have begun. This time of year marks the start of the busy home buying season. If you are a potential home buyer looking to purchase a new home this spring, keep in mind it’s not just about finding the perfect property. It’s also about finding the perfect mortgage that […]

Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process

Congratulations! Purchasing a home or even thinking about buying a home is an exciting adventure. You will be joining the ranks of hundreds of families who have realized that home ownership offers a number of benefits. The benefits include building equity, saving for the future and establishing a home your family can call their own. Your […]

CMHC Increasing Mortgage Premiums

Mortgage Premium Increases

For the third time in three years, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) will be raising its default insurance premiums. Effective March 17, 2017 premiums are increasing anywhere from 11 percent on a minimal down payment mortgage to as much as 225 percent on lower loan to value mortgages. The announcement was released on January […]

Hire a Buyer’s Agent to Buy a Home

Buyer's Agent

Buying a home can be the single biggest financial transaction some people will make. It’s exciting and fulfilling, but it can also be overwhelming at times. Hiring professionals to make the home buying journey go as smoothly as possible is a smart idea. You do not buy a home every day, so why not rely […]

Do Your Homework and Get Pre-approved For a Mortgage

Shopping for a home

Shopping for a home without a mortgage pre-approval is like forgetting to do your homework. Good luck explaining to your real estate agent that your dog ate your pre-approval. Applying for a mortgage pre-approval is the first step when planning to buy a home. A mortgage broker will examine your financial situation to make sure […]