Buying a Starter Home

Buy a home that fits within your budget and is a good starter home.

Your dream home isn’t always within reach when it comes to buying a house for the first time. This can lead many first-time homebuyers wanting to wait and hold off for another year before going forward and making an offer on a place. But will you be chasing a dream forever? Should you wait and […]

Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Moving is a very stressful time. Here are some simple moving tips to help prepare you and make everything go as smooth as possible. Start Early Usually we have a lot more to pack than we think we do. It’s important to give yourself enough time to get ready for moving day. -Consider donating old, unused items, […]

Mortgage Renewal

Mortgage Renewal

Is it time to renew your mortgage? Before signing a lender’s renewal notice, educated yourself on the renewal process. One mistake could cost you thousands of dollars. 3-6 months before a mortgage term is complete, most lenders will send a mortgage renewal notice in the mail or email information to their clients. The notice will ask […]

Become Mortgage Free Faster

Ways to Pay off Your Mortgage

How many years from now do you want to own your home and become mortgage free? As you may already know, paying your mortgage off the traditional way takes 25 to 30 years and costs about twice the purchase price of your home. Here are some practical ways to pay off your mortgage sooner, build equity […]

Let’s Get Your Mortgage Approval on Track

Mortgage Declined

Just because the timing doesn’t work currently, doesn’t mean you have to lose hope about buying a home. Here are some common reasons people don’t receive mortgage approvals right away and ways to increase their chances of being approved for a mortgage in the future. Start by asking why you didn’t qualify for the mortgage. […]

Ways to Improve Your Credit Score for a Mortgage

Ways to Fix your Credit Score

It is essential to fix issues on your credit bureau before applying for a mortgage. Here are some tips to improve your credit and increase your credit score. The best time to start working on your credit is now, 6-12 months before you apply for a new mortgage. If you’ve had severe credit challenges, it […]

Pre-Qualified vs Pre-approved for a Mortgage

Pre-qualification vs Pre-approved for a Mortgage

Looking to get pre-qualified for a mortgage? Or wait, should you get pre-approved instead? If you’re like most people, you find the two terms confusing. Not knowing the difference between being pre-qualified and pre-approved could cost you your new home! Here is the difference A mortgage pre-qualification allows a buyer to get an idea of what they […]

Bridge Financing

Bridge Loan

Buying your next home may come with new challenges than when you bought your first home. Many homeowners will use the home equity they built for a portion or all of the down payment on their next home. When purchasing a home, you are required to give the down payment funds to the lawyer before […]

Saving for a Down Payment

Saving for a Down Payment to Purchase a Home

Saving a down payment to buy a home can be the biggest challenge first-time home buyers’ face. In Canada, the minimum down payment is five percent of a home’s purchase price that is under $500,000. If the home’s purchase price is over $500,000, the requirement is five percent on the first $500,000 and ten percent […]

Co-signer vs Guarantor

Co-signer vs Guarantor

Mortgages are getting tougher to qualify for every year. More and more millennials are requiring help from their parents or other family members to buy a home if they don’t qualify on their own. Parents can offer to co-sign or guarantee a mortgage. In both cases, they still have to qualify to be on the mortgage. […]