Create a Positive Community

Build a Positive Community

Do you want to live in a neighbourhood where kids play together in front yards, adults hang out on front porches, and everyone watches out for each other? Build a positive community with these helpful tips.

Create a Neighbourhood Facebook Group
Neighborhood Facebook groups allow any member to post and have unmoderated discussions. If you don’t yet know your neighbours, this is the perfect way to get started. Post the sign-up information on the mailbox, and everyone will join! Be sure to use it to encourage offline interaction as well.

Support One Another
Look out for ways you can help your neighbours and don’t be afraid to ask if you need help too. Good neighbours can be helpful for emergency childcare and generally keeping a lookout for safety. Giving support and receiving it from neighbours improves our happiness and well-being.

Organize a Block Party
After a neighbourhood gathering, there will inevitably be more engagement on the block. It’s a good idea to find 1 or 2 neighbours to help you with the event and keep it simple. If you live in Spruce Grove, check out their block party program.

Host a Regular Monthly Social
Keep it the same time every month, and no RSVP is necessary. For example, the last Friday of each month at 7 pm. A regular gathering that requires no commitment and little forethought makes for an easygoing gathering. At each gathering, announce which neighbour will be hosting next month.

Host a Backyard Movie Night
If you’re looking for ways to have fun with your neighbours without entertaining indoors, consider hosting a backyard movie night. It’s the perfect, kid-friendly way to entertain everyone of all ages. But remember to keep it PG-rated — it will be outdoors, after all.

Business Networking
Your neighbourhood connections can be great for your career. Your neighbours have friends and family of their own and can help you promote your business or find the contacts you need to make connections. If you need a plumber, mechanic or even an accountant, they could live just across the street.

If you keep showing up and reaching out to your neighbours, this sense of community in your neighbourhood will happen organically. Plus, having a great community feel can be a good selling point when the time comes.

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