Hire a Buyer’s Agent to Buy a Home

Buyer's Agent

Buying a home can be the single biggest financial transaction some people will make. It’s exciting and fulfilling, but it can also be overwhelming at times. Hiring professionals to make the home buying journey go as smoothly as possible is a smart idea. You do not buy a home every day, so why not rely on professionals who do to help you. When shopping for a home, it is recommended to hire a real estate agent, called a buyer’s agent.

A buyer’s agent does not cost you anything. They earn a commission from the home seller when you purchase a home. This means that choosing to use a buyer’s agent will not only make your home buying journey much easier but will not cost you a single penny.

A local agent will be knowledgeable about the real estate market in the area and help point you in the right direction. A buyer’s agent will narrow down your search results by compiling a list of homes that include everything on your checklist and within your budget. This will save you time and frustration when shopping for a home. A buyer’s agent can place you on a customized email drip that sends you MLS listings that are tailored to your wants and needs.

Once you find the perfect home, your buyer’s agent helps you write an offer. There is more to an offer than just price. The proper terms and conditions need to be written on the purchase agreement. Negotiation is a skill your buyer’s agent will have to help you get the best deal. They make sure the home you are purchasing is priced properly. This is done by compiling MLS listings of comparable homes that recently sold in the neighbourhood.

Once the offer is accepted, there is a short window of time to remove your conditions and finalize the agreement. The two common conditions are “subject to financing” and “subject to home inspection”. Your buyer’s agent sends the purchase agreement to The Biggar Team to get your mortgage approved. Your buyer’s agent also gives you recommendations for a home inspector. It’s important to have your home professionally inspected to determine any deficiencies that may affect the house itself and its value.

Calling on lawn signs is a big mistake uninformed buyers make. The listing real estate agent on the sign has a commitment to their clients, the sellers, to get them top dollar for their home. This can create complications when you write an offer. You will sign an agreement that states the listing agent is not representing you and cannot help you negotiate or give you advice when making an offer. Most of us are not skilled negotiators and are unsure of how to determine a property’s value.

It is very important to have a trusted buyer’s agent working hard for you. This will make the home buying journey go as smoothly as possible. Real estate agents go through the home buying process with their clients regularly. They are well educated to help you with possibly the single biggest financial transaction you will make.

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