If Mortgages Were Cars

If Mortgages Were Cars

If mortgages were cars…

…imagine you were shopping for a new car, instead of a new mortgage. The shiny Caymans are at the Porsche dealership. All the new Mustangs parked at the Ford dealership (consider these the banks!)

You’re excited to buy a shiny new ride. So you drive around to different dealerships to see what they have in stock. A car salesman (the banker) greats you each time, eager to sell you one of their cars.

You start explaining to the salesman the options you want, your needs, and what your budget is. Great, they have a car that works perfectly for you. But you want to make sure the window sticker is worth it, so you drive on over to the Ford dealership (the next bank), to see what they have to offer.

It starts to get overwhelming because you don’t know that much about cars. All you know is that you’re not comparing apples to apples when it comes to Porsche vs Ford.

Imagine there was someone who has a set of keys to all the cars at every dealership. They also have direct access to the salesman that can tell them where all the cars are parked, the make and models, what size engine they have, how many miles are on the odometer — all the options. These people will also identify which car is best for you based on a detailed conversation. 

The best part….they don’t cost a thing and do all the haggling. These people act as a broker between the customer and the car dealerships.

How great does this sound?

Driven by passion, these brokers go out and locate the cars, physically inspect the interior and exterior, and take them for a test-drive. They’re interested in finding the best cars, so their customers refer their friends and family to them. 

That’s us…but we do mortgages, of course!

While the banks can only offer you their own products, we have access to a number of lenders that provide a wide range of mortgage products and terms to choose from. Included are major banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and private lenders. Whether you are purchasing your first home or renewing your mortgage years down the road, we’re here to provide you with “the ultimate driving experience.”

Make every mile count, contact us today!

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