Moving Tips

Moving is a very stressful time. Here are some simple moving tips to help prepare you and make everything go as smooth as possible.


Start Early Usually we have a lot more to pack than we think we do. It’s important to give yourself enough time to get ready for moving day.

-Consider donating old, unused items, so you have less to pack.

-To ensure you have everything ready, start packing as soon as possible. Here is a Moving Checklist to help. 


Get Organized Remember that you have to pack and unpack – so organizing is the key to a smooth move.

-Clearly label all of your boxes on two sides in black marker with the room and items.

-Stack heavy boxes on the bottom and light boxes on top to avoid items from crushing.

-Pack a few “open first” boxes filled with items you will need immediately such as toilet paper, cleaning products, utensils, snacks, clothes etc.


Keep Boxes Light Try not to pack boxes over 20lbs. Heavier boxes are harder to lift and can lead to injury. They are also more likely to break open or be dropped when you are moving them. 


Electronics Can Be Tricky Do you still have the manual from your complicated home theatre system? If you don’t, setting up electronics again can be frustrating.

-Take a few pictures of your cords and jot down some notes, so you know what goes where. Then you can properly set up your electronics in your new home.

-Print out the pictures and put them in the electronics box.


Let People Know You Are Moving Change and update your address.

Contact Canada Post and have them forward your mail and update your new address to avoid any interruption in mail service.

-As you receive mail, call to update your address (bank, insurance provider, subscriptions)


These moving tips will help make your move into your new home go more smoothly.

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