Mortgage Q+A

We've put together a list of common mortgage and home buying questions to help you better understand the process of buying a home.

While the banks can only offer you their own products, we have access to a number of lenders that provide a wide range of mortgage products and terms to choose from.

We’re a well-established, local mortgage team that offers expert guidance, advice and competitive rates. We work together to make your home buying experience effortless. We’re available 24/7, making us flexible and able to provide mortgage advice when you need it.

Our services are completely free to use. The lender pays us when your mortgage funds.

Mortgage insurance products allow home buyers to put as little as 5% down payment on a home. We can help you decide how much of a down payment you’ll need. Your down payment can come from savings, RRSPs, home equity or a financial gift provided by a family member. Qualified borrowers may be eligible to borrow their down payment from a source that is at arm’s length, meaning neither of the involved parties has any interest in the transaction’s consequences to the other party.

A mortgage pre-approval is just like applying for a mortgage, but it’s done before you shop for a home. You will determine how much you can afford and the price range you can shop in. If you choose a fixed interest rate mortgage, you are guaranteed a rate during the pre-approval period, so you are protected if interest rates rise while shopping for a home. If interest rates lower in that period, you will receive the lowest rate available.

Usually the shorter the term, the lower the rate. However many people prefer the comfort of a longer mortgage term for its stability. We often recommend a longer term for first-time buyers. Variable rate mortgages are also a very attractive product that may be right for you. Talk to us to determine whether fixed or variable is best suited for you.

When you purchase a home in Canada with less than a 20% down payment, it is considered a high ratio or insured mortgage. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Genworth Financial and Canada Guarantee are default insurance companies that protect lenders in the event a borrower defaults on their mortgage. If a borrower stops making their mortgage payment, the insurer will handle the legal proceedings and compensate the lender if there is a loss after the property has been sold. Default insurers charge a one-time insurance premium, included on top of your mortgage amount.

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